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                                                            Laura Demoe, MSW, RSW, CSAT 

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Trainings & Certifications

Emotionally-Focused Therapy


*Core Skills 

*EFIT Level 1 

*Fully certified in EFT for couples

*York University training - Motivational Interviewing 

Training & Education

I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and for the privilege of potentially working with you as your therapist. In this section, I have outlined my training and approach to therapy. If you have further inquires, I invite you to contact me directly. 

I am a Registered Social Worker, I hold a Master in Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Psychology degree. I have completed extensive training in couples therapy, sexual addiction therapy and trauma therapy.

In my therapeutic approach, I aim to create a warm, compassionate, and thought-provoking environment. My approach is empathetic, and also directive as needed. I adjust my approach based on your goals for therapy, and on which techniques you feel will be conducive to helping you. 

I am fully certified in Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy (, which has been recognized as an effective method for treating relationship concerns (Dalgleish, Johnson, Burgess Moser, Lafontaine, Wiebe & Tasca, 2015). In my Master's degree, I focused my research on couple’s therapy and the barriers to couple’s seeking help - to learn more please visit this link: 

In couple's sessions, I consider your relationship to be the 'client'. The goals and approaches to the sessions are focused on improving the relationship satisfaction. 

I have completed Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) training, I work with recovering couples as well as individuals who’s partner struggles with sex addiction. Additionally, I am trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) therapy. EMDR therapy is a specific technique used to treat trauma.

I have extensive experience in addictions work. I worked with Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres between 2015-2018. I was a part of the clinical team as first a therapist, then manager and my most recent position as Chief Clinical Officer. 



Dalgleish, T. L., Johnson, S. M., Burgess Moser, M., Lafontaine, M. F., Wiebe, S. A., & Tasca,   G. A. (2015). Predicting change in marital satisfaction throughout emotionally focused   couple therapy. Journal of marital and family therapy, 41(3), 276-291.

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